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Our Policies & Procedures

Pickleball Athletics Club and Lake Park Tennis

Our Centre is committed to fostering a safe, fair and respectful environment for all players.  To that end, we abide by relevant protocols, policies and procedures at our facility. 

Refund and Cancellation Policies for memberships and events  
Please note there is no cash or credit card refund. There is no make up class or event substitution for missing a class or event. Once a lesson or event has begun, no credit will be issued. Membership can be cancelled via email only.  Your membership cancellation will start as of your next renewal date.  Please note we accept written communication only.  There is no refund for the membership fee and time use for that month. 

Membership Hold 
Each member has an option to put their membership on Hold for up to 8 months. Elite Membership (Individual or Couple) are charged a Hold fee of $30.  VIP Membership ( Individual or Couple) gets the first hold for free and any additional hold will be $30.

Lesson cancellation policy 
Clients are asked to provide a minimum of48 hours notice if they wish to cancel a private lesson.  When the required 48 hour notice is provided, the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Weather Policy 
If during a private lesson, the weather stops the lesson from continuing then the time spent to the nearest half hour period will be charged.  If there is time remaining on the private lesson, the rest of the time will be added as a credit at a mutually agreed time. For example: Lesson booked at 10 a.m and the rain stops the lesson at 10.15 a.m, the remaining credit will be for half an hour.  However if the rain stops the lesson at 10.40 a.m then a full hour will be charged with no credit. For a group class or event, once a class or event has begun, no credit will be issued. 

Late Policy 
If a player is late for a lesson, the time remaining on their lesson will be fulfilled. If there has been no communication after 20 minutes the coach can leave and a full amount of a missed lesson will be charged. 

Payment Policy 
Payment Method: Visa, Master Card or Cheque.  A returned cheque will have a$45 service fee. Please note all payments will be charged before attendance of any class, lesson or event. In the event of a charge back on a credit card, please note there will be a $50 administration fee charge per occurrence to the customer for the process of documentation and search to support the validity of this charge whether the case results in a win or loss.  This chargeback will be reflected on your account.